Sunday, May 15, 2011

Marathon Day!

A neighbor of mine, who happens to be an Ironman finisher, told me something Friday morning that made a lot of sense to me. He told me this when I mentioned that every part of my legs ached and I thought it had to be psychological. He said he heard an interview with a crew coach who asked one of his female team members (obviously struggling with this or that) how much she weighed before she got into the boat. She answered 130 pounds. The coach quickly told her to make sure the she wasn't 140 pounds when she got into the boat. In other words, leave your baggage behind and bring your 'A' game.

Hopefully, we're not bringing any extra baggage to the starting line this morning. I doubt we are. We plan to cover the 26.2 miles with smiles on our faces and with encouraging words on our minds. We plan to have some fun along the way, too. After all, I now know that we are what some would call Social Runners ~ Found in packs, social runners can range in speed and fitness levels and are usually the friendliest of all runner sub-species! Go Sporty Moms and Sole Sisters!

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