Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who Knew?

Running improves my relationships with my family, my friends, everyone around me. And while my running is personal, it's also something I give. Running can be given. Tony Sandoval, M.D., winner of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

I know if you asked my father-in-law, Mr. Kendall, back in 1984 who in his gym class was most likely to start a running class (that had to limit membership in it's first offering because of such overwhelming interest) he definitely would not have said Chris Lally! Well, lookie here folks!  

Chris Lally Kendall (like I said, who knew?) did it and she couldn't be prouder. She also couldn't have done it without her two fabulously motivating and incredibly inspiring friends, Amy and Jen. Mr. Kendall's son also helped. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention him (my husband, 8th grade classmate, Young Astronauts Club co-member (don't ask) and podiatrist extraordinaire.

Amy, Jen and I have been on a journey I never could have predicted almost 6 years ago when I left Delaware for Bangor, Maine with Mr. Kendall's son to start a new life together with our daughter. Amy and I supported each other through our pregnancies with our second children. Amy, Jen and I comforted each other and commiserated when we dropped our first born off at preschool on the same sunny morning several years ago and for several weeks after that. We patted each others' backs and offered hugs. We spied on each others' children when our "BIG" kids shed tears after drop off. We talked each other out of running back into the preschool when we heard their crying from inside the classroom. We strapped our little ones into our jogging strollers for the first time and hit the streets of Bangor. JR, the mail man, noticed and asked when one of us was missing and neighbors sitting in chairs in their driveways waited for us to see if we dropped this baby hat or that baby hat. Kids in the preschool started asking why I wear "flat pants" (running tights). And the rest as they say is history...

One by one we crossed training runs off our calendars and one by one we crossed finish line after finish line much to our own amazement! We proved to ourselves that we are so much more than wives, daughters and mothers with memories of careers put on hold in order to raise our children full time. We realized the extent of our potential and the power of will and determination. We also realized that we had the power to inspire and motivate others.

And so, here we are, 6 years later celebrating the realization of our mission to get people moving and celebrating friendships characterized by truly unconditional love and support. I thank Jen and Amy from the bottom of my heart for challenging me and supporting me. Now let's get to the business of challenging and supporting others. Shall we?

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