Monday, July 11, 2011

What doesn't kill you...

Makes you stronger? Really? Because I'll tell you what, we had eight days in the McGoldrick house that definitely did not make me stronger. We were hit with a nasty GI bug here at the house...only my husband was spared. (How does that always happen?) The kids got the brunt of it. I'll spare you the details of voluminous body fluids, but suffice it to say we all lost a few pounds, had a trip to the ER, and I spent seven nights rotating where I slept. Daughter's room, son's room, daughter's room etc. The only amount of exercise I got was climbing up and down the stairs carrying laundry or sick kids to the sofa.

I am happy to say that things are back to normal. I'm even enjoying hearing the kids argue (although you know that's not going to last too long). Oh and I have to say this. I am all for and try to do my share in "reduce, reuse, recycle" (5 points to anyone who knows that reference). So yes, I typically take my reusable bags to the grocery store when I shop. But word of advice, it pays to have a few of those plastic suckers hanging around. Why? When you have sick kids who can't quite make it to the bathroom, it beats having to disinfect your floors. Again and again. I ended up having to borrow garbage bags from a neighbor because we ran out. So...if you happen to see me at the grocery store check-out loading up my groceries in plastic bags, and feel compelled to tell me about saving the environment...think again. I'm preparing for the next bout of the plague.

As far as exercise? I need to get my butt in gear. I (along with Christine and with enough pursuasion hopefully Amy) have this scheduled in two weeks. Considering I haven't done a long run since Sugarloaf.....I think I'm going to need a lot of luck!

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