Monday, August 22, 2011

100 Running Tips

I found this list of "100 Beginner Running Tips" (although I think they are great for any level of runner) on The Complete Running Blog Network, and think it's spot on in terms of giving runners an overview of the many aspects of running.

Here are a few of my favorites:

#3 Do not skimp on a bra

If you saw this, then you know I learned this lesson the hard way. I realize now that a good sports bra is often times going to cost you, but it's worth it. Right now I am using the 3 reasons support bra from Title Nine. It seems to be great in regards to motion control, but I wish it was seamless.

#8 Remember to say "thank you" to race volunteers

Whether hot and humid or cold and rainy, those volunteers not only serve fluids with a smile, they pick up a ridiculous amount of cups off the ground that we racers toss aside. I still struggle with the cup toss, and often times will take my time around water stations so that I can throw the cup in a trashcan. So when you see the race volunteers, do remember to say thanks!

#14 Find a committed running partner

It goes without saying that this makes a world of difference. Accountability is everything. You need that running partner to give you a swift kick in the rear (and vice versa) on those days when you just don't feel like strapping on the sneakers.

#17 Accept and appreciate the fact that not every run can be a good one

I say this all of the time. One day I will have a great run and finish strong and the next I may struggle to do 3 miles. Sometimes it just doesn't make sense, and I've learned to just shrug it off and hope for a better one next time.

#29 Hydrate

Very important. Not just the day before, but rather for days before a race or long run. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, muscle cramps and other heat-related illness...especially in the summer. It's an easy thing to do and will help prevent #17!

#53 Race day is not the day to try new shoes, foods or clothing

I can't emphasize this one enough. I made the mistake of trying a new running skirt for the Vermont City Marathon last year. I ended up not moving from my bed afterward due to the amount of chafing I had from the inner shorts. NOT FUN! So don't mess with your outfit...and for goodness sakes don't mess with your food. Can you say runner's trots?

#61 Never assume a car can see you

Actually, assume they can't see you. I've had so many (too many) close calls. I don't know what it is about cars and runners, but it seems like the cars naturally gravitate towards you. Be careful out there.

#81 It's ok to take walk breaks

When I first started running I wasn't convinced of this one. Then I began to experiment with some big hills, and walking up them versus running. I discovered that the amount of time it took me to run up the hill then "recuperate" afterwards, versus walking up the hill then resume running, was virtually the same. Now yes, I do know that tackling those hills head on will only improve your running ability and stamina, but if you're struggling and need a break, don't beat yourself up about it. Take a 30 second walk then resume running. Your body will thank you for it!

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