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Moms on the Move!

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Moms on the Move


Bangor trio forms running club

By Jodi Hersey
edge staff writer

BANGOR - Christine Lally-Kendall, Amy Sidell, and Jennifer McGoldrick are busy Bangor area moms who took their experience of running after their kids (they have two each) and created their own running club called Mainely Running.

"It's not that we're addicted to running, it's the feeling of camaraderie and accomplishment that we get from it that we want to share with others," said Lally-Kendall.

All three women are Bangor Y members whose passion for exercise and running is not only what motivates each other to stay active, but is also what encourages others to get moving. "As other members saw us accomplish half marathons and marathons, people... started signing up for marathons," Lally-Kendall said.

Each Tuesday morning, the trio lace up their shoes and run through the streets of Bangor along with other Bangor Y members and participants who've signed up for their Mainely Running class. "We start out with interval training, following Jeff Galloway's Run-Walk-Run program," explained Lally-Kendall.

"We'll also vary our run depending on who shows up and the weather," added Sidell, who admits she not only runs for the health benefits it offers, but also for the socialization that comes along with it. "We're mom's first and runners second, so running truly is my social time."

The trio and their classmates are currently training for the upcoming Susan G. Komen Race set for Sept. 18 in Bangor, a 5K that every class member wants to complete without walking. "One of the women said to me yesterday, 'I need you next to me to cheer me on [during the race],'" said Lally-Kendall. "That's what we do for each other."

These moms say it's not about whether you walk, run a mile or even a full marathon. Rather, it's about setting a goal and reaching it. "It's empowering to go from not running at all to being able to complete a half marathon and we want others to feel that sense of accomplishment," said Sidell.

Log onto for more information about the trio, and a list of upcoming races in the area. You may also visit to sign up for the next Mainely Running session that starts Sept. 6.

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